For 14-18s


Each day’s page throws you into the Bible, to get you handling, questioning and exploring God’s message to you — encouraging you to act on it and talk to God more in prayer.


If you’re hungry for more at the end of an engage page, you can turn to the Take it further section to dig deeper.


True stories, revealing God at work in people’s lives.


This section tackles those mindbendingly tricky questions that confuse us all, as well as questions our friends bombard us with. Questions covered include: Has science disproved Christianity?  Why do I keep sinning? Don't all religions lead to God? What's the meaning of life?


Articles on the basics we really need to know about God, the Bible and Christianity. So far we've covered the Trinity, prayer, sin, the doctrine of Christ, grace and other such fundamental parts of Christianity. All handled in down-to-earth, easy to follow sections.


Articles on stuff relevant to the lives of young Christians. Topics covered include: Ecology, money, death, self-esteem, sex, assurance, war, alcohol and drugs

TOOLBOX is full of tips and tools to help you understand the Bible and really dig deeper into it.

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