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16-page magazine

Wherever you are, whenever you can, open up the Bible. Read More »

Promotional Video

Encourage others

Downloadable version to be shown in churchesRead More »

Time With God

Time With God

28 short studies to get people into reading the BibleRead More »

Explore Sample

For Adults

Helping adults be excited, encouraged and equipped by God's word.Read More »

Engage Sample

For 14-18s

Easy to swallow, daily doses of Bible teaching for teenagers.Read More »

Discover Sample

For 11-13s

Discover aims to build young lives firmly on the gospel and a knowledge of the Bible.Read More »

XTB Sample

For 7-10s

Full-colour fun, with plenty of puzzles, to help children dig in to the Bible for themselvesRead More »

Table Talk Sample

For Families

Give family Bible times a try with this free Table Talk sample.Read More »